That super secret squirrel paypal ship now link

We’ve used the “super secret” paypal ship now link for years, but when googling it, it mysteriously has disappeared in web searches!! How annoying! I finally found it on a random website and made a special page on my new website  so that none of you ever lose that sneaky link again!

Paypal Ship Now Link

If you’ve used this and appreciate the fact that It’s ALWAYS here and you’d like to say thank you in a tangible way…
we’d appreciate it more than you’ll probably ever realize! 🙂 thank you! (You may donate any dollar amount)


5 thoughts on “That super secret squirrel paypal ship now link

  1. You are a life saver!!! I thought I was the only one who knew that secret! I was devastated when the sneaky link mysteriously disappeared in web searches. But then I found your magical blog that contains the traces of the sneaky link and my life has been saved! Thank you! <3

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