Winter is Cominggg!! Top 4 Cold Weather Hacks to stay WARM!

Winter is Cominggg!! Top 4 Cold Weather Hacks to stay WARM!

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As most of you have heard, the midwest is bracing for a very serious deep freeze. Temps will shatter records as the artic air moves in.

Arctic Air 2019 Chicago

I don’t want any of you to freeze your little tooshies off, so  here are a few little tips

POLAR VORTEX survival tips from MEEEE…

Bubble Wrap Insulation
  1. We just put bubble wrap on the windows of my studio (it’s FREEZING in there, and that’s where the back door is, it’s a northwest facing room with 2 exposed walls~ It’s drafty and cold in there even with a space heater and the furnace running… I remembered this trick and we just put it up.. and tucked towels in the bottom of the door too. This isn’t my picture but you can google it. All we did was clean the windows,with glass cleaner but left them a little bit damp, and put the flat side to the glass , it’s like a vinyl cling sorta. If you need bubble wrap this winter, you can get BIG rolls of it on Amazon for only $11.48 (it is perforated every 12 inches which is great, )

 2.  Another important thing to do is to check your dryer vent and if your furnace vents outside near ground make sure it’s not blocked, ours was buried in like 18″ of snow, so we just shoveled it out. It’s very dangerous to have the vents to your house buried, because if the fumes from the engine of your furnace or dryer can’t go out, they’ll back up and cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

3. It is also very important to have working fire /smoke detectors as well as carbon monoxide detectors too. First Alert, a trusted name in electroinic safety devices that are dependable and the highest quality. During particularly cold winters, we run a few space heaters throughout the house, my studio being one of them. The fear of a house fire really scares me so I want to be sure if something happens, we are not taken by surprise, and our detectors have batteries that are fully charged up. All I need is one of the dogs to knock a space heater over (although most have safety features that cause them to shut off it they’re not firmly planted on the floor) .

3. If you MUST go outside, and let me say, “I’m Sorry!!” Nobody should have to be outside in this! ACK! Be sure to cover your hands in vaseline or a heavy lotion, before you put your gloves on, this will create a layer of insulation on your hands (and feet!) NFL players use this hack a lot to fight the cold. Vaseline works best, but remember, it may goop up your gloves so you can put latex gloves on and THEN your real gloves.
Bubble Wrap Insulation

4. Use handwarmers inside your gloves, I know a girl who makes GREAT hand warmers , Her shop is located HERE: Natural Therapy Packs it may not be able to get to you for THIS deep freeze but you’ll be super ready for the next one (shipping is free). There are several fabric choices to choose from too.

Handmade Hand Warmers
Handmade Hand Warmers : Microwave and use again and again! This is a great GREEN alternative to those weird hand warmers they sell in the store.

~~~ Stay Warm Kids!! Do you have any Cold Weather Hacks You Want to share? Drop me a comment below , to continue the conversation! Be sure to stop on by my Facebook Group and my Instagram so we can stay connected.

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