Don’t copy ! Public Service Announcement : So Not Cool – Copying another person’s work!

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Don’t copy

Public Service Announcement. copying is not a form of flattery. It’s lazy, and it’s presumptuous and it’s rude.

Be original, find your own vibe and go with it. When you try to be something you’re not, everybody knows.

Blatant plagiarism of another artist’s  work(sewist, quilter, crafter, painter, designer etc) is wrong, any way you look at it. To look at another person’s work and willfully re-create it for profit is disgusting.

I don’t care who you are, and who the person being copied is. If you buy it or ask someone to copy something and they agree, you’re just as bad.

If you don’t have the money to buy the original, or if you would rather give the business to your friend who is a designer and have them copy someone’s work, that’s part of the problem.

I get the whole loyalty and you want to use friends who create but don’t ask them to copy a design.

IF (just saying) this happened to me, It would make me feel dirty, and like I was cheating, and being sketchy.

What to do when a client wants you to copy someone else’s work , 

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