It’s Time to Break Free from Anxiety: Come on… I Dare You!

It’s Time to Break Free from Anxiety: Come on… I Dare You!

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There’s a revolutionary new way to cope with anxiety issues on the horizon, my friends! I’ve been reading a book called DARE, The New Way to Break Free from Anxiety and Panic Attacks , authored by Barry McDonagh. For those of you who suffer with crippling anxiety and panic attacks, this may be a game changer for you.

Who doesn’t wish for the carefree days of childhood where you didn’t stress or worry about upcoming events, situations or the daily responsibilities of adulting?! I know personally, I sure do. Once you step out into a life of your own, stress and anxiety is sure to follow~ However, for some people, it becomes a chronic condition. For some people even the thought of what could go wrong looms large and casts a shadow over all of life.

My mom used to tell me I was born a worrier! I often create assumptions, or worst case scenarios in my head to try and prepare myself for everything. It’s often too much to handle. I’ve had anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, the inability to sleep , over eating and self-medicating behaviors… all because, inside… I am wound like a top!! When a friend of mine suggested Dare: The New Way to Break Free From Anxiety, and I agreed to review it for the Goosie Girl blog, I will admit, I was skeptical. I really didn’t have much faith in how a book could help me. I’ve been living with my anxiety for most of my life, and I have tried A LOT of different things, but none gave me the solution I was seeking.

The book, and online community of support people promised that I would be able to


  • Live each day without the dread of general anxiety or panic.
  • Fly , drive , shop or do whatever you like without worry.
  • Feel excitement instead of dread about the day ahead.
  • Reconnect with your old carefree self again
  • Travel with ease to places you have always wanted to go.
  • Feel real genuine freedom again like you did as a child.

That seemed almost impossible to me… but as I began to read and comprehend the methods taught in the book, I could totally see how this could really make a huge difference in many people’s lives.

This book teaches readers awesome methods to combat anxiety in even it’s worst forms~ It introduces new ways of thinking about situations, that help the reader cope as well as tools they can “pick up” at any given time in an anxiety producing situation. The really nice thing about these set of tools is that it’s not limited to just a book you can read and have to remember… there are support tools in addition to the book such as an app you can download for support at your fingertips! There is a dynamic Facebook group in which readers can become a member to further their development of these life altering skills; and there is a downloadable audio book to take along with you.  People learn in different ways, and I think this is a fabulous approach to meet people where they are at, and give them a myriad of opportunities to change their life.

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I think there is a great deal of education which needs to occur in the world about anxiety, it isn’t always caused by a specific situation, happening, or event~ at times, there may be inexplicable reasons for a panic attack or someone struggling with anxiety. The thing that I love about this book, is it doesn’t necessarily give you advice on what to do in a specific moment~ it teaches you overall techniques which can grow into innate mechanisms to deploy against those times of utter panic and anxiety. Yes, anxiety can be situational but I have learned, through reading this book that it doesn’t NEED to be explained or even understood to be tamed.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks can cause a person to isolate. I know for myself, I never know when it’s going to crop up, so I tend to avoid social situations~ thus becoming isolated and lonely, which can in turn , fuel the anxiety! It’s like a never ending, vicious cycle~ so this is yet another reason I am singing the praises of Barry McDonagh’s work, he doesn’t just throw out some ideas in a book, he backs it up with a community of support. You don’t HAVE to be alone in this anymore! If you travel for work or pleasure, you can take the audio book with you too… play it in the car, or listen to it while you meditate. There are so many wonderful things I could tell you about this book, the methods in the book, and the other support tools which are available, but you NEED to get a copy and take the time to digest all of the awesomeness in it for yourself.

Go To Amazon to get your copy NOW… don’t wait!

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