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Before you steal that photo, think twice

Goosie Girl Boutique is a work-at-home Mom owned business. I have worked very hard to carve out a niche for myself in the custom boutique / handmade industry. My family depends on my income each and every day.I put countless hours, time and effort into my products, website, blog, social media, and my product photographs.

I hire professional photographers and models to represent my products, when they take these photos, they are copywritten and the copyright is held by them as well as exclusive use rights extended to me.

Exclusive use means they are for ME to use, not you. If you choose to steal my photographs, whether to show your customers a product of mine that you could duplicate, as an "example" ; or if you send them to another designer asking them to create a similar item, THAT is copyright violation. If you re-publish them or put them on the internet in any form (email, blog, websites, social media etc) we will find them. Each of our files and photos are embedded with codes so that we will know.

I am very very serious about my work, ownership of my work and photographs and I will pursue any violations of my copyrights to the fullest extent of the law.

I have a very very sharp attorney, and I have no problem using him.

Please NOTE: We do authorize our product and photo useage for public relations, advertising and other promotion of US. Please email for permission form.

Any questions?
or if you see a Goosie Girl Boutique photograph, description or
any part of this website/blog reproduced by anyone other than myself, please let me know via email:
goosiegirlboutique AT gmail DOT com

Thank you very much!

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