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I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself to you, my name is Heather, but most people call me Goose. I'm the owner and sole designer behind the Goosie Girl label. Goosie Girl was founded in 2003 and has been growing by leaps & bounds ever since.

My studio is located in the western suburbs of Chicago, and I'm a mom to three beautiful children, and two naughty dogs. I love what I do, and the people I meet doing it! My business has given me the opportunity to help little girl's (and their mommies) dreams come true~ making people happy by my designs is what gives me incredible satisfaction. I've designed photo props and boutique accessories for some of the nation's top baby and child photographers, as well as several A-list celebrities such as Kevin Costner, Jane Lynch, Christina Applegate, Busy Philipps, Claudia Schiffer, Taylor Swift, Sara Evans and more.

I have seen my dreams realized through my business, and I love the friendships and working relationships I have developed with my clients over these past 9 years. My goal is for every customer to be completely satisfied and want to tell all their friends about me & my work. It is my hope that you will share my business with your friends & family, word of mouth advertising is the best and most reliable form of advertising available for a business like mine.



In 2012 my daughter expressed an interest in the business and she officially joined me in the studio as my "apprentice". I am so very proud of her and her work ethic. She's learning all the tips & tricks of the trade from me... (the jedi master to making the magic happen). hehe. I love having her work with me and it brings me great joy to watch her gain her "sea legs" and start to branch out on her own and explore the creativity she has inherited from her mama! We have a great time in the studio (most of the time) and she's one of the very few I would ever trust to allow to create, assist and design items for the Goosie Girl label.In August 2013 she began creating costumes from my original designs, we call these "Gosling Girl" originals rather than "Goosie Girl" originals~ this is to give her proper credit for her effort & hard work. I oversee all of her work, and pay close attention to quality control as she is learning how to create my designs. Rest assured, if you're getting a "Gosling Girl" original, it is of exceptional quality, just as are the "Goosie Girl" originals.Soon she will be off to college and will be going to school close to home and will need appropriate spending money and a part-time job, so this seems like the logical choice for our family~ i.e., for her to join me in the business!
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