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Ebook Using Video as a way to market and promote your custom boutique/handmade, or small niche business

Ebook Using Video as a way to market and promote your custom boutique/handmade, or small niche business

Hot off the presses!

Goosie Girl's 2nd ebook in her marketing series for custom boutique/handmade and small niche businesses

  • Learn why you should use video marketing to drive traffic, make sales & promote your products
  • Video marketing explained in an easy-to-understand,   concise way
  • Hosting sites & plans reviewed
  • Ideas for your video content
  • Simple equipment you will need

 ~~22 pages chock full of easy-to-understand, useable information in PDF format, sent right to your email inbox~~
Please note, NO hard copy will be mailed, the ebook will be sent within 36-48 hours to your provided email address.
Please be aware of what you are purchasing, this is a digital book, sent via email in pdf file format.

Goosie has authored 16 successful ebooks prior to this one, eight years of owning a small handmade/ custom boutique business has been cultivated and was written for people just  like you! Those who want to learn the easy, straight forward way to take your business to the next level, on a shoestring budget or FREE.

I have a background in print journalism, advertising/promotion, and P.R., and the old ways of doing things are out the window in this new era of digital marketing and social media. VIDEO is the newest, hottest and one of the easiest ways to get your message and brand directly in front of your customers and potential customers.

It is much easier than you may think!

All contents in the ebook are copyright protected under all domestic (U.S.) and international copyright laws. You may not share, duplicate, translate or transmit these to anyone other than yourself. They are for PERSONAL use only. Photos, graphics and all contents are the property of Heather Niziolek, D.B.A. Goosie Girl,, Goosie Girl Boutique

How exciting... it's time to trash the old ways of marketing/promotion and move into the NEW age of marketing ladies & gentlemen! ♥

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