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learn how to make a miniature photo prop room for photographing accessories and smaller items

learn how to make a miniature photo prop room for photographing accessories and smaller items

Learn how to create a miniature room just like the big professional photographers have, only on a much smaller scale for photography of smaller objects such as boutique and handmade accessories, feather fascinators, hair bows, jewelry, clippies, felted animals, necklaces and more.

Goosie Girl is known for her clear & easy to understand ebook tutorials. She has devised a way to take advantage of different backgrounds and floor drops on a much smaller scale than what a studio photographer might use. Learn her tricks & tips for creating one mini room but being able to have many different looks.

I am not a photographer, I am a designer who admires studio photographers that use models in their studios and love the "faux" floors, backgrounds and baseboard looks they achieve. You can learn how I created a mini-set for photographing my smaller handmade items. There are pictures of each step and clear and easy to understand instructions.

Most items can be purchased at a local craft or hardware store, they're easy to find and very inexpensive.

"This is a brilliant idea!" ~ shared Lindsay from "Living With Lindsay" when she read this tutorial.

After you purchase this item, you will be emailed a PDF with the instructions in it. You will NOT receive a hard copy via mail. Please be aware of what you are purchasing. Most ebooks are delivered within 24-48 hours within receipt of payment. No returns on purchases of ebooks under any circumstances. Please be aware, these instructions are written in English.
These are copywritten and protected under all domestic (US) and international copyright laws. You may not resell, reproduce, share, or otherwise redistribute these instructions, all or any part within.

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