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How to make Goosie Girl's Petal Hat Ebook Tutorial

How to make Goosie Girl's Petal Hat Ebook Tutorial

Learn how to make Goosie Girl's Hydrangea Petal Hats

After much debate, internal struggle and talking it over with fellow designers...

I've decided to write a tutorial on how to make my hydrangea petal hats!

These no-sew hats are super cute and ideal for photography props. They fit newborns through about 6 month old babies...and they are to die for adorable!

The 1st part of the tutorial covers how to make a kufi hat (minor hand sewing required), however you can purchase kufi hats already made if you don't want to sew the hats yourself. Then the 2nd part of the tutorial shows instructions/tips/techniques on how I make my hats.
This tutorial includes a complete materials/supply list, a photo and written instructions of each and every step as well as a list of where I buy my supplies.

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