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How to make raggie bow flip flops ebook instructions - PDF

How to make raggie bow flip flops ebook instructions - PDF

After the success of the Raggie Bow ebook by Goosie Girl, I've been asked MANY times how I make my raggie bow flip flops...In an effort to add to the raggie bow instructional line, I'm now offering these EASY to understand instructions!

The buyer will receive a pdf file via email for download. This file contains 20+ page with full color instructions on how to make my raggie bow flip flops, there are instructions for every single step, a picture or two for every step as well as tips on selecting fabrics, suppliers & more.

You've seen ribbon or fabric embellished flip flops before...but the raggie bow flip flops raise the bar and create a truly boutique fashion for her feet!
They are the fullest, prettiest, and funkiest steppers around!

Once payment is received, you will be sent the ebook within 24-48 hours via email (no hard copy will be mailed).

There are so many possibilities with these flip flops, because they are made with fabric, you can match your favorite clothing lines, school uniforms, team colors, or custom boutique sets PERFECTLY!!

Raggie bow flip flops are a wonderful addition to her wardrobe and they are not just for girls...they're lovely for moms too! They make ideal gifts and if you're the crafty type that sells your wares, they make a fantastic addition to your product line at craft shows or in your etsy shop!

Terms of sale: The name "raggie bow" is trademarked. You may use these instructions to make & sell the flip flops, however all we ask is that you use another name (other than raggie bows) to describe your flip flops. The instructions are copyrighted and fully protected, they may not be reproduced or shared in any form.

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