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Frequently Asked Questions & Sales Policies

How do I measure my child correctly for a Goosie Girl item? TOP
Taking accurate measurements:

TuTu Gowns/Costumes:
Goosie Girl needs the chest and length measurements.

Chest-The chest is measured with a tape measure around the fullest part of her chest, usually just below the under arms.

Length-We usually recommend two lengths: tea length or gown length.

  •  Tea length hits are the mid shin, so please measure from her underarms down to the mid point of her shin.
  • Gown length hits 2 inches above the ankle. We recommend that you measure from her underarms down to about 2 inches above her ankle. We do not recommend floor length as tulle can be very slippery if walked on.  *We use a graduated hemline, naturally leaving the front a little shorter so she doesn't trip on it, and the back a little longer to give a floor sweeping effect.

Goosie Girl needs the waist and length measurements.
Waist-the fullest part around her belly, usually even with her belly button.
Length-Goosie Girl tutus are a standard length of 16", however we can make them ANY length, up to a  maximum length of 18". We can make them shorter or we can go up to the max. of 18". 
*A good thing to remember about tutus: the shorter we go the fuller they become and the tulle will stick out more like a ballerina tutu than a skirt, it's all a matter of personal taste and how you want your tutu to look. (Note: Most tutu creators do not allow the length to be customized on tutu orders, but Goosie Girl leaves this choice to our valued customers because we wish to create the tutu of your dreams!)

Flip Flops:
Goosie Girl's flip flops are sized differently than regular shoes. We need the INCH measurement on the feet and NOT the shoe size (this is true for Child and Adult sized flip flops). To measure correctly, use a tape measure and measure from the tip of the big toe to the very back of the heel.
Child Sizes:
Small=7" Medium=8" Large=9"
Adult sizes:
Small=9 1/2" Medium=10" Large=11"

What is the process of custom orders? TOP

Custom Orders:
When you place a custom order with Goosie Girl Boutique, we do our very best to meet your expectations and fulfill your vision for your design.

Payment in full is required up front for all orders. Construction of your custom item does not begin until payment has been received as well as any measurements or color/size discussions being completed.

Please be aware, because of our busy design schedule, Goosie Girl Boutique will not provide photographs of the item prior to shipping.  When you request a custom item, creative license is issued to Goosie Girl to create your item and although we try to involve you in as much of the process as we can, as a designer and artist, we want to have the ability to feel free to create your item based on discussions we've had and not customer approval at each turn of the design process.

We do not order supplies or special materials needed for custom orders until payment and discussions about said order is completed, so, please allow up to 3 weeks for construction time plus shipping time. The custom order process is generally about a 4 week turnaround time.

Due to the variation in computer monitors, colors can vary slightly than what you see, if any photographs ARE sent to you prior to shipping so please take this into consideration.

No returns are accepted on custom orders. (*See our FAQ "Sales & Return Policies" bullet)

My daughter is size 4 why don't you make the crochet body costumes in her size? TOP
General Info about my creations in regards to
shopping for your little girl size 3T and over:

If you see a dress/tutu/costume for size 2 and under that you like, but need it in a bigger size, I can generally do a custom creation for you
that would be similar but sized for your older girl. the differences would be: the crochet bodices you see on the baby-size 2 tutu dresses & costumes do not fit past size 2 or in some cases a petite/slim size 3. Therefore, we will need to create a halter style dress for your older girl.

Note about Waistbands:
Tutu skirts are available as follows
*Newborn - 3/slim 4 are set upon a crochet waistband
*Size 4 - 8 in girls on a non-twist SEWN elastic waistband

Note About TuTu Lengths:
I can make tutu skirts in any length you wish
between 6" - 18". If you do not specify a length, we will
make it the standard length of 12".

A Note About Tutu dresses for older girls:
Tutu dresses can't be folded like "regular" clothing, because of this, we are limited on length and because of box sizes. The longest we can go on tutu dresses is 23.5", if we go past this length, we are required to pay an "over sized" fee for shipping a box longer than 24"
~ shipping nearly triples when this fee is incurred.

Therefore, what I suggest is if you'd like a floor length dress for your older girl, she can wear her tutu dress as a full length skirt & you can pair it with a tee, tank or turtleneck of your own
~ or~
another idea for older girls is if you like the halter style tutu dresses
~ she can wear it as a shorter style dress/swing top that reaches her waist and you can pair it with leggings or footless tights, or pants
 of your own

What are your sales & return policies? TOP
In most cases, all sales are FINAL. Due to the nature of the products I offer (many custom/ photography props / and 1 time wear/special occasion items),  I am unable to accept returns of most items. If I make a mistake or you receive a flawed product, please contact me directly so I may correct the situation.You MUST meet the requirements for refund below if you have any problems with your order.
 Upon the event of contacting me with any problems, these are the requirements for receiving a refund.

Requirements for refund:

  • The problem must be our mistake (i.e. wrong size/product/order sent)
  • You must contact me immediately (within 48 hours) of receipt of your items to notify me of any problems.
  • Be prepared to show a photograph of problem with the item in question.
  • If it is determined that the problem was indeed our mistake, be prepared to send the item back to us. Item must be received within 5 days of initial email and Goosie Girl Boutique's request to send the item back to us.
  • The item must be returned in the original packaging in unworn/undamaged/original condition that you received it in.
When the return is received by Goosie Girl Boutique, and all of these requirements have been met, we will gladly replace your product or issue a full refund plus the costs you incurred for return shipping to us. Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in a completed sale status and no refund being issued.

Why should I buy from Goosie Girl instead of another company? TOP
We are Goosie Girl Boutique,
 a Chicago, Illinois USA based Mom Owned & Operated company.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best the world has to offer in handmade boutique costumes, photo props and accessories for little girls.

Everyday customers tell us how happy they are that they have found us, and about how many compliments they get when people see their little one's all dolled up in a Goosie Girl design.

We promise to deliver:    

  • We Guarantee A Trouble Free Shopping Experience
  • We have been a Multiple Payment Options and SECURE Checkout
  • We keep our Shipping & Handling Costs Minimized
  • Merchandise Return Policy, if we make an error on your order, we will replace it or accept a return for a full refund
  • We Keep You Fully Informed Every Step Of The Design & Sale Process
  • We have a Combined Shipping Policy         
  • Your Privacy Is Guaranteed With Us
  • We provide safe and secure payment options

We promise our customers Big Savings:
As you are aware, the traditional profit margin on boutique items in brick and mortar retail stores or designer boutiques is enormous, up to three times cost.  Profit margins on the boutique items for little girls sold in these stores result from the mass advertising on TV, radio, newspapers, and bill boards, and the cost of leasing a store, hiring sales and security people, purchasing insurance, etc.  These extremely high profit margins often limit custom or boutique item purchases to a small group of people lucky enough to be able to pay the exorbitant prices.

We know many more people admire and appreciate handcrafted boutique items but just do not have the hundreds or thousands of extra dollars to spend, and that is where our business plan comes in: We haven`t got expensive retail stores to run as we work from a low cost home studio that we own, and we don`t do any national advertising, as we feel word of mouth advertising from our satisfied customers is our best means of promoting our products and pricing policies.

We feel fortunate to be living in the internet age because it has enabled us to offer our custom boutique items just as upscale brick and mortar retailers do,

We feel that we offer the best prices on the internet for the types of products we offer. We believe that the internet is the best vehicle for boutique sales now and in the future, and we are riding this internet wave to the future by offering you prices so low that upscale boutiques cannot possibly compete, and we pledge to you that as our market share grows, so will your savings, the quality of our merchandise is unmistakable.

SquareTrade Seal Member:
We are a SquareTrade Seal Member in good standing. SquareTrade`s mission is to build trust in transactions, and to help buyers know that they can have a safer and more trusted transaction with a seller who has committed to high selling standards. As a SquareTrade Seal Member, we adhere to a strict code of conduct in transacting honest business with you. Many benefits accrue to you as a buyer with a SquareTrade Seal Member, and to list just a few:

* We Passed the SquareTrade Review Process. This includes verifying the member`s identity and/or address, selling track record, and history of resolving disputes.

* We Are Committed to selling standards. The Selling Standards cover a number of things, including the disclosure of contact information, pricing, and return policies.

* We Are Committed to resolving disputes. This Seal Member is committed to using SquareTrade`s Online Dispute Resolution service to resolve all disputes, (Rest assured this is an extremely rare occurence).

 * Added Limited Buyer Protection (not on all transactions). SquareTrade`s limited Buyer Protection Program can provide added comfort to buyers who are wary of buying from dishonest sellers on the internet. Purchases made from Seal Members MAY be covered by SquareTrade`s buyer protection in addition to the Daisy-Head-Maisy 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  * SquareTrade`s Ongoing Compliance Monitoring. SquareTrade`s Seal Program keeps you informed as to our honest dealings with buyers, and can substantially lower the risks of buying online.


Satisfaction Guaranteed:
100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: We strive very hard to make your buying experience a pleasant, and satisfying one, and your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.We want all of our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase, and shopping experience, and to that end we have instituted many policies to insure your satisfaction, as we want you to return to our store for outstanding values every time that you shop. We have a 100% Authentic Merchandise Guarantee: We guarantee our merchandise to be 100% authentic and accurately described, or we will refund 100% of the purchase price paid. We take great care to insure that each item is correctly described, and not misrepresented in any way.

An informed choice:
We believe that in order for you to make the right decision on your custom boutique item purchase, you must have as much information from us as possible about the merchandise.  For each item listed, we provide information about how much materials (tulle, ribbon etc) will be used, a description of each and ever item as well as any special features, as applicable, to assist you in your selection.

Secure and Trusted Payment Methods:
  • We accept all forms of payment through Paypal & R.M.E.
  • When you pay using one of these methods, you do not share your personal financial information. We never see your credit card or checking account number.
  • These are FDIC and Verisign insured methods for payment.
  • We have never experienced any issues with these forms of payment.
  • We also accept mailed money orders and cashier's checks for our customer's convenience.

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