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I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself to you, my name is Heather, but most people call me Goose. I’m the owner, sole designer and creative force behind the Goosie Girl label. Goosie Girl was founded in 2003 and has been growing by leaps & bounds ever since. Some may call me a social media rockstar, some may call me an awesome designer, and as much as I appreciate those compliments, I’m really just me, a down-to-earth, love to have fun, spirited & fiesty Irish girl.

My studio is located in the western suburbs of Chicago, and I’m a mom to three beautiful children, and two naughty dogs. I love what I do, and the people I meet doing it! My business has given me the opportunity to help my client’s dreams come true~ making people happy by my designs is what gives me incredible satisfaction. My pastor used to say, “you know you’re in the zone when you give little effort and get big fruit”… this is how my business has been~ it’s grown so organically, and become so successful because it comes naturally to me~ I’m using my God-given talents and passions and following a dream to make a name for myself.

I’ve designed photo props and boutique accessories for some of the nation’s top baby and child photographers, as well as several A-list celebrities such as Kevin Costner, Jane Lynch, Christina Applegate, Busy Philipps, Claudia Schiffer, Taylor Swift, Pink, Sara Evans and several more. (press & celebrity info can be found here: and

I have seen my dreams realized through my business, and I love the friendships and working relationships I have developed with my clients over these past years. My goal is for every customer to be completely satisfied and want to tell all their friends about me & my work. It is my hope that you will share my business with your friends & family, word of mouth advertising is the best and most reliable form of advertising available for a business like mine.

I love to write, I am a natural born writer. I have long enjoyed blogging and it has proven to be an area of great success for me. Whether I am interviewing another DIY blogger, designer, sewist, small business owner, or just talking about something silly that happened to me in my crazy & weird (and often unbelieveable life). My blog is enjoying excellent numbers right now, In the last 6 months it has grown incredibly in international and American rankings. The numbers are off the chain and I love every single minute of it. I’ve authored a library of 21 DIY ebooks/patterns over the last several years and they’re incredibly popular on Etsy, My Website, You Can Make This and Craftsy. Not only do I teach others how to make some of my most sought after designs, in another series of ebooks, I mentor and teach you how to market them and begin/grow your OWN DIY/Boutique/Crafty small business.




Why has this business been so successful for me? Well, it’s simple…

the golden rule….

Goosie Girl believes in paying it forward. She believes in Karma or what some others would consider “reaping what you sow”… no matter what you call it, I call it putting your best foot forward, trusting that good will be multiplied and returned to you when you take a leap of faith.

It may not be considered to be sound business practice in some circles, but to me, it makes perfect sense. Goosie Girl believes in America, Goosie Girl believes in American small business…Small business is the LIFEBLOOD of the American economy, don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not.

I try to buy as many materials and supplies as I can that are made domestically, I use the United States Postal Service for shipping, and I donate to Wounded Warrior Project. I believe in giving back to those who have given so much for all of us.

It is a practice of Goose and the Goosie Girl brand in general to support other independent small businesses as well as business that ties in with what we do. We try to spread the word about other small businesses, and all types of artists (and this is not limited to handmade/boutique/crafty companies~ we extend this support to musicians, comics, artists, and other creative folks who are out there in the trenches following their hearts and passion, working for themselves and not working for “the man”. Sometimes people with college degrees leave that all behind to listen to that dream running through their heads. They forego the security of a regular paycheck to pursue their passion. My mom always told me, “do what you love, and the money will follow”. She is a wise woman!

I believe there is no room for cattiness or extreme cut-throat competition in the indie business and creative arts field, there’s enough people in the world to conduct yourself as a professional and share the love. I believe in a book’s concept I read recently called, “The Power of Nice”. In this day & age the power of networking is STRONG. Word of mouth advertising, recommendations from friends and family and past clients is worth it’s weight in gold. Word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising a small business like mine can get~ and this is why I try and pay it forward as often as I can… by sharing my time, talent and business experience, I have made some awesome connections and friends and I will continue to do this as much & as often as I can.
Upcoming Plans: In 2015 I am hoping to ramp up my efforts and take even more time supporting other small and/or local businesses with my marketing/promotional services and skills.

 You can read more about other businesses I have helped/promoted and mentored here:


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