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We got a little surprise today…
As a thank you for hosting the Thanksgiving festivities, a friend sent us a box of…….
Armadillo droppings!!

Haaa! Actually, they are quite yummy!!

I was cracking up…only in Texas are candies named after animal poop! LOL!! Here’s some info, I thought I’d share about them!

Armadillo Candy

The Story of Armadillo Droppings
On a ranch not far from Bandera, Texas, Old Maria was mixing pralines in the big black iron kettle on the old ranch stove, when two pesky armadillos knocked over the trashcan. By the time Maria had run off them rascally critters, the pralines had gone a cookin’ much longer and browner then usual, and when the cowboys came in for dinner and saw all them little pralines in row, Slim drawled “Whatcha got there, Maria? Armadillo Droppings?”

…and so a Texas tradition was born – bite size delicious dark brown sugar pecan pralines!!

As a way to support the “handmade” cottage industry we all love and admire, please consider sending a box of these as a gift to someone this year for the holidays, they are DELICIOUS and a southern treat that is hard to rival! I literally was in heaven tasting these praline delicacies, so what if they have a silly name, they are truly a delectable handmade treat to behold!

Apparently, this company also makes “Horny Toads” as well…
“Horny Toads aren’t toads at all of course, they are fat, flat lizards with spikes. In the burning, silent and desolate wastes of the southwest, the little critters scuttle about looking for ants, crickets, beetles, pill bugs, spiders, and lady horny toads. On finding a lady friend, the male horny toad must approach his mate with gingerly care, or she will puff up in disgust and spike him or lay flat, cover herself in sand and say she’s got a headache. Should she submit to his advances, the lady toad will produce six to twelve eggs, once hatched, they are ready for action and can care for themselves. Kept in captivity, deprived of ample ants and desert sun, horny toads will just pine away and die. If you meet a horny toad, his spikes won’t hurt ya, but just say howdy; and let him go about his horny business.”

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