Clean Baking Sheets Effortlessly and for less than $2: like new!

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This is from my brilliant daughter’s blog…. I share with her permission. I am so very proud of her.

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This was one of the most inexpensive and effortless ways I found to clean baking sheets; and I wanted to share with all of you.

On Thanksgiving, we had an apple pie that bubbled over onto our very well-used baking sheet. Soap and water removed the sticky residue from the baking sheet of commercial non-stick baking spray~and I tried all the traditional methods of scrubbing the baking sheet to get the bubbled pie filling off (until my arms felt like they would fall off, lol). However, I couldn’t get them to that pristine “brand new” look. So here’s what I did…
I bought 3 simple and cheap items
*Baking soda, it’s just $0.49 at my Aldi
*Hydrogen peroxide (I think the brand I have is from Walmart but I know Walgreens has them for $0.33 on sale very often)
*SOS pads or you could use regular steel wool also. My dollar tree sells the generic scrub buddies soap pads for $1 per box (musch less expensive than brand name SOS pads).

So there you go! That is everything you’ll need to get these results that I got on my baking sheet. That’s under $2 if you shop at the suggested stores I did.

Alright, so now you’ve got all your ingredients~Are you ready to get cleaning?

Click to go to her blog & find out HOW to do it….

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