This is an excellent tutorial on how to make a zip up, strapless gown for an 18″ or American Girl doll. Custom American Girl doll clothing & accessories are trending in a big way right now, so I thought this tutorial would be perfect to share with my readers. (I do not own this pattern, nor did I have anything to do with the creation of the video, I’m just sharing as I thought you all would dig it) .

I love to watch Chad Alan’s You Tube Channel, he’s creative and funny and I could totally hang with him. I think he’s pretty cool~ he has a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, so he is planning on making fashions for AG dolls in 2015. Check out his channel by clicking

If you liked this tutorial, please hop on over to You Tube and leave Chad a comment!

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How to Make Easy & Fun Mini Canvas Faux Chalkboard Day of The Week Magnets Tutorial by Goosie Girl




I am in dire need of getting more organized around the house, I am being over run by papers and I can’t stand it anymore. I got this idea while strolling through the craft aisle at Walmart the other day. They’re super easy to make, and relatively inexpensive too (About $1.50 for each magnet).

Have fun and let me know if you make these, how you liked them & how they turned out! (Another variation I thought of…you could also decoupage the canvases with scrapbook paper and add a small painted chipboard M, T, W, Th, F as well!)


5, mini (3″ x 3″) art canvases (purchased at Walmart, available at Michaels, JoAnn & Hobby Lobby as well)

Black Acrylic Craft Paint

White Paint Marker

Pack of 5 magnets (I used round, you can use whatever shape you like)

Paint Brush (I used one of those small sponge brushes with a plastic handle, very inexpensive)

Hot Glue & Glue Stick

couple pages newspaper to protect work surface

Paper Plate/Paper towels



Lay out some newspaper and prepare your work area for craftiness!

Pour a little bit of the black paint onto a paper plate and paint the mini canvases with the black paint. I used two coats of paint, allowing the first coat to dry prior to applying the second coat. For a nice finished look, you can let the tops dry and then apply a coat of black paint.  When the paint on the canvases is completely dry, Use your white paint marker (to give it the appearance of white chalk on a blackboard) to write your days of the week. I did a different little pattern (edges, flowers, stars) in the corners to embellish them. I wrote my days of the week free-hand but you could print out days on your printer and then trace onto the canvas, and then write over the tracings with the paint marker.

Once the white paint is dry, flip the canvases over and apply a dot of hot glue on the back of the frame, and apply the magnet. I used 2 magnets per canvas, one at the top & one at the bottom so it would be strong enough to hold a handful of papers at the same time. magnet2magnet3 magnet4


Yep, it’s that easy, folks~ Let the glue dry and put on your fridge and enjoy! If you enjoyed this fun little tutorial, please visit our blog page with other free DIY tutorials on it!  Free Tutorial Guide on the Goosie Girl Blog, Click HERE


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Each month during this brand spanking new year, Goosie will be featuring a designer I feel you absolutely MUST know about.
It is only natural that I kick off 2015 with a super fun & interesting creative powerhouse of a man. He impressed me the moment I ran across him; and I couldn’t wait to learn more about him~ and his passion for design, where he draws inspiration from and his business sense for marketing and growing his brand.
I’ve been a fan of Seaplane Shirts for a little over a year since I was introduced to his boy’s line last spring. The quality was unsurpassed, and the prints were outrageously hip. As I’ve been following Schuyler Brown (self proclaimed “pilot” of the Seaplane brand, hehe, I think that’s a GREAT title, don’t you?)
(Flashback, spring of 2014, my favorite little squishy man sporting one of the totally rad boy’s shirts!

As a spectator, I’ve become intrigued by the design process, the growth of the business as well as being quite impressed as to how QUICKLY it is evolving. As most of my lovely readers know, I speak often of the “fire in your belly” and how this influences your success in business and life. This pilot has got an awesome drive and vision which keeps surprising me at each and every turn. Therefore, I thought he’d be perfect as the first designerto feature in 2015.
Without further adieu, I give you the pilot himself…

Schuyler Brown, Designer/owner/pilot of Seaplane Shirts


  • Where are you from?  Born in philadelphia, College at UNC-CH, then spent the next 20 years in Paris, New York and San Francisco;  Now living and working in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • What is Your name & your business name? Schuyler Brown, Seaplane Shirts.
  • Where can we find you on the internet? and in person: and art shows around the country (currently developing show plan for 2015).
  • How long have you been in business? Founded seaplane in 2011; have been working in apparel since 2001.
  • How did you get started?  In 2003 i left a well-paying corporate job in san francisco to pursue a business in reworked vintage, such was the richness of cool vintage clothes to be had in SF. my partner, chrissy kaufman, and i quickly moved to production designs.
  • What is your favorite thing about fashion design and owning your own business?  the absence of arbitrary, pointless, time-wasting meetings.
(Goosie’s commentary… he’s preachin’ to the choir!)
  • What is your least favorite thing about fashion design and owning your own business?  the absence of paychecks — regardless of value added that week.
  • Who is YOUR favorite designer?  jil sander for fabulously understated, exquisitely made stuff.  especially the leather goods.  watch out — you may experience a nearly uncontrollable urge to shoplift. (Wiki link: )
  • What makes you smile?  Breaking rules — in design, prints, language.
  • Tell us a little bit about your family life.  In 2009 i came back to chapel hill to be close to family and have spent the last five years or so developing these relationships.  having blown out of town for france at the age of 21, i never imagined how empowering this would be.  most everybody imagines s/he had a reasonable childhood, and most of us did, but there are almost always intergenerational issues that keep us from achieving our potential.
  • If you could sit and spend the day with another designer for one day in their studio, who would it be?  I bet paul smith’s team has a lot of fun. (Paul Smith’s website: )
  • What is your favorite book?  “Light in august” by william faulkner
  • One piece of advice you wish you’d known when you first started out?  Pay relentless attention to focus; do one product and do it perfectly; do not listen to non-performing salespeople.
  • What is one technique/skill you’d like to learn to do (or to improve upon)?  Adobe’s creative suite.
  • What is your favorite design you’ve created? or What is your best selling design?  I’ve spent 10 years refining my favorite design: my shirt body.  it exists in more than 300 prints and i couldn’t pick a favorite; my best seller is “jetsons”. (shown below)
  • If you could have one super power what would it be, and why?  I’d love to be able to ‘beam’ myself places (ideally with a ton of kit for shows).  I love to travel and planes are way too slow!
  • What type of music do you like?  ambient house — british label “hed kandi” is consistently awesome.
  • Which blogs do you read regularly?  James Surowiecki’s economics column on


  • Tea or coffee?  Coffee, definitely.  or rather, espresso with steamed almond milk.  two shots please.


  • Finish this sentence, “If you REALLY knew me, you’d know ______”  It’s taken me more than 40 years to find a channel to express my creativity.
  • What is your favorite holiday?   Halloween, definitely.  even straight boys get to wear the heels they’d really like to. (commentary from Goosie… bwahaha… I love this guy!)
  • One goal you’ve set for yourself/your business for 2015?  Now that i’ve built the infrastructure to handle a substantial surge in business ( with inventory fulfillment by amazon), I’m ready for some mainstream press.
I’d like to thank Schuyler for his time & interest in participating in this “getting to know you” feature story & interview. He’s a busy guy, and it’s an honor to be able to pick his brain a bit. I really look up to him for the FOCUS (as he calls it) he has. Perfecting ONE product continuously is a huge inspiration to this little designer wannabe. I’m really excited about his new ladie’s line of shirts.  I’m head over heels in lurve with this fantastic shirt in the ladie’s line (called Rednib), I also must add that I really like how the cut on these women’s shirts look sooo figure flattering! I totally cracked up at the ladies’ shirt named “Caffeine’, that’s the best!
Ohh ohhh…. did I mention he has also created a fabulous bow tie line too?! I’m so high fiving him on the adorable choice for the yummy model he used for that collection! hehe.  These totally stylish bowties are made from shirt production scraps… now that’s using your ol’ noodle buddy! So smart, and Gren! (not to mention we all know bowties are trending so rapidly this year already~and I speak from experience, as my no-sewing required boy’s bowtie pattern in my Etsy shop is flying off the shelves so fast I can barely keep them stocked).
Awwww…. There’s nothing more lovely than a man and his dog! Except maybe a man & his dog wearing a Seaplane bowtie!
I’d like to wish the very best of luck to Schuyler this coming year, may it be the most outrageously successful, espresso-filled rule-breaking year yet. You’ll be hearing more about this brand from Goosie Girl in 2015, I’m addicted, there’s no going back now.

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It’s Random Acts of Candy Time at Mamie’s Toffess & Treats in suburban Oswego, Illinois! This year it is going to be bigger and better than ever! This year, Mamie’s Toffee is looking for a Consummate Volunteer. We all know that one person who is always giving of their time and talents; all while expecting nothing in return for themselves.

Mamie’s want to know who they are and what they do as well as how they have positively impacted your life or the life of someone you know.

Note from Mamie’s: We are getting down to the wire folks. If you have been holding off for some unknown reason now is your chance to give someone a great big pat on the back and the best part is,  its F.R.E.E. No strings attached! All we need from you is your nominations. Reach out to us via email or facebook and tell us who you want to nominate and why they would make a great candidate. Our only requirement is that they live in the greater Chicagoland Area so we can personally deliver to them on Monday. From all the nominations we usually chooses about 5. You can nominate a group or individuals and nominations need to be in by this Friday January 16th!

Please submit all your nominations by either commenting on their post on their Facebook page or messaging them there as well.

As an added bonus we have been contacted by several business to add small tokens to our usual assortment of treats.

Goosie Girl will be adding a $15 gift card to the assortment of treats, so if you’re local, nominate someone deserving of this AWESOME award!

If your business would like to join in the fun and give something away to a very deserving person/group, please reach out to them via email:


Please Make Sure to Like and Share this blog so that it reaches as many people as possible! Share buttons are at the bottom of the blog post!

A word about my most favorite treat from Mamie’s…


Tiger Butter is Peanut Butter and 2 kinds of chocolate swirled together and poured into a peanut butter cup.

Many fans say it tastes like a Reese’s but Goosie thinks it tastes WAYYYYY better!

Mamie’s has awesome treats for the fast approaching Valentine’s Day Gift season!!

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We here at the Goosie Girl blog support all types of artists, whether in the area of fashion, comedy, design, or music. We love introducing our readers to new or up and coming artists and we believe Tyler Toliver is one to watch! and HELLOOOO… he’s not too hard on the eyes either ladies! haaa! :) You can find his music on iTunes, and check out a few samples on his website as well. If you’re a marine wife, girlfriend, or a grunt yourself~ I guarantee you’ll dig his message.



Tyler Toliver was born in Southern Wisconsin and always wanted to be a performer growing up. He would imitate Garth Brooks while standing in front of the jukebox at the local bar where his mother worked.

He got his first real guitar when he was eight years old and began teaching himself to play. Tyler wrote his first song by age fourteen. Many things have changed since those days but he has not forgotten his roots. The song “Crazy” Tyler wrote when he was fourteen was recently recorded in Nashville and has been very well received by industry professionals and his fans.

Tyler enlisted in the US Marines just after graduating high school in 2007. As a Marine recruit Tyler was named ‘Company Honor Man’ as well as “Series Honor Man” only one marine out of 4 platoons gets this honor. Tyler rose to the rank of Corporal in less than a year after enlisting. Soon after boot camp Tyler was stationed at Camp David and acted as a presidential guard and later at 8th and I in Washington DC working under the command of the commandant of the Marine Corp.

Music started to take a turn for Tyler when he met Greg Schick in October of 2009 while stationed in Washington DC. Together the two formed a partnership that has kept Tyler motivated and moving forward. Together they have made great strides in a very short time with the support of Tyler’s friends, family and incredible Fan Base. In fact Tyler recently finished 63 out of 6100 entrants in a 3 month long contest sponsored by Keith Urban and Guitar Center.

In May 2012 Clear Channels WMZQ hosted a “battle of the bands contest” to open the WMZQ Feast at Jiffy Lube Live a 25000 seat amphitheater. Tyler won the support of the judges and fans on all three portions of the contest and took the win.

Tyler has made four trips to Nashville to record his Debut CD “Unstoppable” a 14 song lp that was released in 2012. In only a few months more than 4000 CD’s have been sold and over 10000 mp3 have been downloaded.

In 2012 Tyler entered into the Nashville Challenge a singing contest with other undiscovered talent around Nashville, The competition was amazing and had some really great acts. The finals were held in Woodlake CA at Twilight Park a 20000 plus seat outdoor venue. Tyler took the win and has been asked to return in 2013 to open one of the shows for a national act.
Tyler has opened for or shared the stage with Sheryl Crow, Lo Cash Cowboys, Edens Edge, Joe Diffie, Colt Ford, Tracy Lawrence, James Otto, Kip Moore and multiple shows for (our friend). Darryl Worley.

The fans have been so incredible and supportive along his journey with over 3.5 million page views on You Tube, and over 28,000 fans on social networking sites. The Fans continue to motivate Tyler to pursue music as a singe songwriter.

“I wrote this song for a fallen friend and fellow Marine. I would like to raise awareness for the great loses the family’s of our fallen heros suffer with the loss of a father, husband,wife or family member. There is a song written in a similar format by another artist. This song was written from a soldiers point of view. If you like it you can get a free download at or visit me on my website to hear more”

Tyler Toliver’s Website

Semper Fi, Tyler <3 <3 Goosie

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I found a good deal today, but I can’t use it because I don’t have a Sears near me, if you guys have a Sears and can do store pick up, this is an awesome deal… Nakamichi over the ear headphones (reg. $20, save $18.03 and if you’re a Sears “shop your way” member, you 20 points, even though it’s discounted) now only $1.97, that’s a savings of 97%! I thought these would be a great gift idea for the tweens/teens birthdays or even to save for christmas next year. They have a bunch of colors too. Here’s a link:
(and no, I don’t make any $ on this at all, lol )


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My dear, sweet friend, Chelsea of Chelsea Andersen Design and Pink Fig is having an awesome after the Holidays Sale on her pattern website!
Hold onto your hats my lovlies, everything is just ONE DOLLA!!!

Click here to visit the Pink Fig Website and view all the post-holiday sale items!

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Just a few shots from inside the studio… where the magic happens.


My flat me of my boutique bestie… Nita of That’s So Addie, my favorite princess pez dispensers, my sobriety coins, a POP Jesse Pinkman, and a copy of the new book, The Teen Vogue Handbook along with other random stuff like vintage mermaid buttons I bought for $12 a pop at Quilt Market, and my trusty Iced Tea in a Bears Mug.


A cute little mason jelly jar pincushion I made, a boggle piece to remind me to stay on my A-Game at all Times, a little matchbox car of my 1965 Chevelle,

A fancy G (for Goose) ~ and a Keep Calm & Have a Cupcake…’Cause Cupcakes make everything much better! We all know that!


On top of my printer, a felted wool bunny that I adore and a framed photograph of my Granny, Her sister, My Aunt Dottie and her sister in law, My Aunt Elsie circa 1943 while their men were away at the Great war, and they had just gotten off work at the factories (Yes, real life, “Bomb Girls”) They inspire me to no end. The only one of them left, is my sweet Aunt Dottie (she’s 90 now!).

scenesfromthestudio4I own more forms of fabric glue and craft glue than should be legally allowed without a permit! but next to these supplies is an awesome painting my dear friend Schelle made me, it’s a painting depicting an actual tattoo I have on my upper right arm (done by Tony Wierig) to remind me always of how brave I am, and “Entrepreneurship is not for sissies”


This hangs on the wall in my studio, it’s a vintage metal sign (circa 1945) that I picked up at a local Antique Shop. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I adore America and buying american made goods!

This is where the magic happens, it’s a bit cluttered at the moment but I thought I’d share a few peeks into my little world here at the

Studio of Goosie Girl

This is from my brilliant daughter’s blog…. I share with her permission. I am so very proud of her.

Guest Blogger ~ Kayla from Killin’ It With Coupons 

Please stop on by and take a look at her blog, she has some great couponing tips, hauls, recipes, food budgeting ideas and more!

This was one of the most inexpensive and effortless ways I found to clean baking sheets; and I wanted to share with all of you.

On Thanksgiving, we had an apple pie that bubbled over onto our very well-used baking sheet. Soap and water removed the sticky residue from the baking sheet of commercial non-stick baking spray~and I tried all the traditional methods of scrubbing the baking sheet to get the bubbled pie filling off (until my arms felt like they would fall off, lol). However, I couldn’t get them to that pristine “brand new” look. So here’s what I did…
I bought 3 simple and cheap items
*Baking soda, it’s just $0.49 at my Aldi
*Hydrogen peroxide (I think the brand I have is from Walmart but I know Walgreens has them for $0.33 on sale very often)
*SOS pads or you could use regular steel wool also. My dollar tree sells the generic scrub buddies soap pads for $1 per box (musch less expensive than brand name SOS pads).

So there you go! That is everything you’ll need to get these results that I got on my baking sheet. That’s under $2 if you shop at the suggested stores I did.

Alright, so now you’ve got all your ingredients~Are you ready to get cleaning?

Click to go to her blog & find out HOW to do it….

Killin It With Coupons

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Goosie’s Top Twenty Theme Songs…


If there was a movie to be made about my life, these songs would most likely comprise the soundtrack. I’m not trying to be dramatic~ but let’s face it, I’ve led a pretty effin’ full life thus far. Probably have encountered more adventures, heart ache, and funnnnnnn than most people. I’m lucky to still be around to compile this list of songs for my make-believe movie soundtrack~ LOL! C’mon you know you shook your head “uh-huh!” while you read that! After I finish this blog post, the only thing left to do is figure out the actress who will play me in the movie! ;) Some say Holly Hunter, Some Say Gwen Stefani or Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence, and then others say…Reese Witherspoon (this WILL be the topic of an upcoming blog post my friends! hehe).

In the meantime, let’s talk music. Music has been a HUGE… like… GINORMOUS part of my entire life.

Nope, I don’t and haven’t ever played any musical instruments with the exception of the recorfunmachineder, my Granny & Papa’s “Fun Machine” organ by Hammond. (don’t laugh, I was the entertainment at certain family gatherings… even though my Uncle Bud used to ask me everytime, “Do you know how to play “far away?” hehehehe. ) and even though it is in my attic as I type this, I have no desire whatsoever to bust it out and play a rhumba with drums for you~ although, I very well could. My instrument of choice, is my voice (haaa, that rhymed) . I love to sing, especially the blues and gospel~ and pretty much accompany anyone as a backup or alongside anything acoustic. I have also been known to play a mighty tambourine under pressure as well. What can I say… Music inspires me, music drives me, music relaxes and centers me. I dig all sorts of genres and can relate to just about any style of music. It speaks to my soul. I know that probably sounds cheesy as hell but it’s true~ LOL! My BFF is always teasing me when I post a song online because I always say, “This is totally my theme song, I could have written it!” ~ she says, “you say that about EVERY song!” ~~ well, truth of the matter is so many songs seem to be written about situations or from perspectives I can totally relate to, and it seems that they are my theme song! Dont’ hit the panic button just yet… no I’m not pulling a Charlie Manson thinking the Beatles wrote the “White Album” as a message just to me… it’s not like that at all. ;) It’s not about anything but music and what it does to my emotions, my soul and my heart.
So, Here’s the challenge, if YOU were to pick 20 songs to be on the box set of YOUR life story/movie, what songs would be on it? what would they reflect meaningful or meaningless(?) in YOUR life? Why would you choose the songs you picked? Comment up above my headshot, under the title and let me know!

So let’s get this party started…I give you my life, set to music… the Box Set ;)

Daughter ~ Pearl Jam

Fast Car ~ Tracy Chapman

Baba O’Reilly ~ “Teenage Wasteland”~The Who

Strong Enough~ Sheryl Crow

Sister ~ Dave Matthews

USMC Cadence

God Love Her ~ Toby Keith

This one is really funny, just fwd to 1:27 and pass the talking
In spite of ourselves ~ John Prine & Iris Dement

Acoustic #3 ~ Goo Goo Dolls

Beautiful Wreck

Ragged Company ~ Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

Angel From Montgomery ~ Bonnie Raitt

Til I collapse ~Eminem

The Fighter~ Gym Class Heroes

Shine On ~ Eric Bibb

I’ll sing about Mine ~ Adam Hood

F*ckin Perfect ~ Pink

Diamonds on the Inside ~ Ben Harper

Love is my Religion ~ Ziggy Marley

It’s a Brand New Day~ Joshua Radin

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