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At first I totally disagreed with this mom’s attitude and approach to sharing, until I read WHY she does this… She makes some VERY good points!

This Mom Perfectly Explains Why She Does Not Teach Her Kids To Share

At first I thought this was crazy… and now I agree with everything she said.

Written by Beth for PopSugar.com

teaching kids not to share
Image credit: Vaughan Moms

There is a sharing policy at my son’s preschool. It’s a parent-run co-op, so we have to have policies like this so that we will all handle situations relatively the same way. The policy is that a child can keep a toy as long as they want to. If another child wants the toy, they have to wait until the first child is done with it. We’ll even “save” toys for the child if they have to go to the bathroom, go to the snack table, etc. so that it won’t get taken before they’re done. This applies to anything in the yard or school that can be played with, including swings and monkey bars.

At first, it didn’t really occur to me to wonder why this was the policy. I just went with it, because that’s the rule, and it didn’t seem like a big deal to me. The kids all know the rule, so outside of maybe their first two weeks at the school, they don’t throw a giant fit when you tell them, “You can have it when Sally Jo is done.” But lately I’ve been noticing a totally different attitude toward sharing in other places we go, and I’m starting to really know exactly why this is the school’s policy.

Two Questionable Sharing Practices

Here are a couple of examples of questionable sharing practices that I’ve seen recently. The first comes from a good friend of mine. (And I hope she doesn’t mind that I use her story as an example.) She and her almost-2-year-old were at the park one day. He had brought a small car from home to play with. Another child, a little bit older, wanted to play with the car and was demanding that my friend’s son give him the car. A typical toddler scuffle ensued, and the other mother told her son, “I guess his mom didn’t teach him how to share.” Never mind the fact that the car belongs to him and that when someone asks you to share, “No” is a perfectly legitimate response.

My second story happened one morning at the local rec center. Friday mornings they fill the gym with tons of Little Tykes climbing structures and those plastic cars they can drive around, tricycles, big balls, even a bouncy castle. Basically a toddler’s dream play room. There’s this one red car in particular my son really likes playing with, and the last time we went, he drove it around the entire hour and a half we were there. While most of the moms with smaller kids will shadow their kids as they play, my son is old enough now that I can sit on the sidelines and watch. From there I watched a mom whose son wanted to drive the car approach my son repeatedly, saying, “OK, now it’s time for you to give him a turn!” Of course he ignored her, and eventually she gave up. There were a million other little cars for her son to drive, including one that was almost identical. Or maybe I would have stepped in at some point.

Real-World Lessons

I don’t agree with the approach of the mothers in either of these situations. I think it does a child a great disservice to teach him that he can have something that someone else has, simply because he wants it. And I can understand the desire to give your children everything they want; we all have it. But it’s a good lesson for you both to learn that this isn’t always possible, and you shouldn’t step all over other people to get these things.

Furthermore, this is not how things work in the real world. In your child’s adult life, he’s going to think he’s owed everything he sees. This is already happening in the next generation. I read a fascinating article about how today’s teens and 20-somethings are expecting raises and promotions at their jobs for reasons like, “I show up every day.”

If you doubt my reasoning, think about your own day-to-day adult life. You wouldn’t cut in front of someone in the grocery checkout line just because you didn’t feel like waiting. And most grown adults wouldn’t take something from someone, like a phone or a pair of sunglasses, just because they wanted to use it. (Well, maybe some of you would. In which case, this post may not be for you.)

It’s hard, as with so many things about parenthood, but let’s teach our kids how to cope with disappointment, because it happens. And we won’t always be there to fix it for them. Let’s teach them how they can get things they want through diligence, patience, and hard work.

How do you feel about the concept of sharing where young children are concerned? I know you likely don’t have a “policy,” as I sure didn’t before the preschool told me they had one. Now I notice a variety of different takes on the subject from the parents I see around. Makes me wonder if we need to be talking about this issue a little bit more.

This article was originally shared on PopSugar.com. The author, Beth, is a wife and mother of two who blogs mostly about parenthood, green living, urban life and food. Visit her website and like her on Facebook!


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YouCanMakeThis.com is your source for downloadable, step-by-step patterns and project instructions!


They say us creative types can tend to be a little mad now and then… Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome/Highly Functioning Autistics and Depressives tend to also have a creative side; not all, but many. In a recent Special Time Magazine edition called, “Secrets of Genius” (incredibly fascinating) many geniuses were featured throughout the magazine. A special article entitled “Mind over Madness” intrigued me”. This is a small excerpt from the article…

“For a while now, researchers have noticed some links between the highest ranks of creatiity and both bipoloar disorder and schizophrenia. A survey of the lives of great musicians, writers, and artists, for example, reveals elevated rates of bipolar disorder and sometimes schizophrenia or autistic traits…Only recently have large studies revealed the same correlation in the population at large. “We validated the idea of a connection between mental illness and creativity,” says Simon Kyaga, of Sweden’s Karolinski Institute. His team’s 40-year study included roughly 1.2 million people-Sweden’s extensive medical and professional record-keeping made such far-reaching data-crunching possible-and found that those with bipolar disorder were 8% more likely to have pursued a creative or scientific profession. Conversely, people who had been treated for a variety of other mental conditions, such as depression, autism, addictions, ADHD or schizophrenia were actually LESS likely to have landed in creative fields. Authors seemed particularly affected, suffering from both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder at twice the rate of the general population. They had a higher risk of depression, anxiety disorders, addictions and suicides as well…Aside from writers, however, the connection between mental illness and creativity is actually far stronger in relatives of the afflicted than in the afflicted themselves. family members of the mentally ill often have some similar tendencies, although typically at levels that don’t merit a diagnosis. Those tendencies may be sufficient, though, to ramp up creativity: people whose parents has schizophrenia were 51% more likely to be in a creative profession than those whose parents were unaffected, and those whose parents were bipolar were 33% more likely to be in the arts or sciences…Kyaga’s research uncovered a similar relationship between autism and creativity. Specifically, who had an autistic sibling were 48% more likely to be scientists and 30% more likely to work in creative fields. Authors once again broke from the pack, twice as likely as others to have had an autsitic parent. This developmental disorder has several other strong ties to creativity. First, about 10% of autistic people have “savant skills” that is, exceedingly advanced abilities in calculation, memory, music or art…”The autistic talent is a form of information processing” says Scott Barry kaufman, an assistant professor of psychology at New York University. “It’s an ability for conscious pattern detection and an interest in making sense of complex data, simplifying it to have control over the environment…”

I have had episodes of both mania and depression, anxiety and extreme creativity for my entire life. I was diagnosed as “hyperactive” as a child and now that I am a mother, I have a child on the autism spectrum. Is it coincidence that I am a fashion designer and writer and enjoy other creative arts like music, singing, theater, film, poetry, and photography? I think not. Is it a coincidence that I’ve given life to a creative genius of my own? My Asperger’s Syndrome (highly functioning autistic) daughter has many savant skills~especially with couponing and figuring out amazing deals to get us awesome ways to get free or severely reduced priced food and personal care items? I don’t think so. Is it any coincidence that my 2 of my children’s biological cousins are severely autistic and also afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome? Nope… don’t think so.

It’s all about how you look at it in my opinion though, are you afflicted… or blessed? I’d consider myself at times a creative genius. (NOT tooting my own horn) but in the way that when I get ideas they don’t stop coming, I can’t turn my brain off sometimes. I have on countless nights, stayed up all night without sleep to finish a project I’m working on~ whether it’s photo editing, or creating graphics for my blog/website, or designing a costume, headpieces or such. I’m not ashamed of this at all. I embrace it when it comes… It isn’t around all the time, sometimes I do have depressive tendencies but I tend to have them less and less and they seem to be inflicted around certain specific happenings, life losses or experiences. I think many of my friends I’ve met in the creative world “suffer” with bipolar, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression and addictions as well.  The more we talk about it, the less of a stigma there is attached to it. The more we look at it for what it is, (and I feel it’s truly a gift in my case) and embrace the positives that can come out of it, the better. (Of course, I’m not referring to violent, or untreated breaks with reality that cause us harm or problems in our lives). I am fearfully and wonderfully made, God doesn’t make mistakes, and I think I (and my daughters and my nephews) are exactly as God intended us to be.


I have a Google search set up for “Tutorials” because I adore them so… (don’t judge hehe) ~ and I get emails everyday based on my google search requests. This week I found three that I just *HAD* to share with all of you, my lovely followers!

Here’s one for your digital scrapbookers, graphic artists and those who just like to play around with typography:
Learn How to add Texture to Text using PhotoShop from A pair of pears. I use Paint Shop Pro, and I can adapt these instructions for my editing program, and I bet it wouldn’t be too hard to do in other programs either. :)

Here’s something crafty to keep the kids busy this summer!

These are cool, I like these thicker rainbow loom bracelets~and to be honest, the longer they take to make, the less my kid is in my hair this summer! LOL! j/k

Here is a link to her You Tube Channel (slip fish)
from Tutorials By A


And last but not least~ this ADORABLE quilted shape pillow stole my heart! EEKS isn’t it cute?
Hexie Lion Pillow
It almost has a retro feel ~ it would be adorable for a child’s room (especially with a circus or animal theme. I could see my nieces & nephews hunkered down in their favorite reading spot snuggled up with one of these! It comes to you from Makezine and originally from her friend Abby Glassenberg from While She Naps (that’s a blog I’m subscribing to, she has some major amounts of creativity!
I hope you enjoy these tutorials and find them just as fun as I did!

I can not tell a lie, I love Savers!! One of my brother’s has Epilepsy due to a traumatic brain injury he received in Ramadi, Iraq on his 3rd deployment. Every time I donate to my local Savers (or buy anything from there), they donate a portion of the sale to the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicagoland! So, not only am I helping out a cause that I believe in, I am scoring some great deals for my kids who are growing like weeds , hehe.


Donate and Save 30%

Donate two grocery bags or more of reusable clothing and/or household items to benefit local nonprofits, and get a 30% off coupon to help you save BIG for back to school! Offer Valid: TODAY July 25th – August 10th

Offer excludes new merchandise (red tags). Not valid with any other coupon or discount.


Want to know more about some exciting news about what the Department of Defense is doing to help veterans like my brother?

Check out this story on the CURE Epilepsy Website too. (sounds like my brother could have written this…)

“Seven years after my head injury I am still working to control my seizures. I think this funding is really good so that doctors and researchers can learn more and get rid of epilepsy. Seizures make me frustrated because we understand little about why they happen or how to beat them,” said Pat Horan, a CURE-supporter and army veteran who battles post-traumatic epilepsy since being injured in Iraq.”

If you’re into making crafty stuff, without sewing requirements… I’m your girl.. I have now authored 20 ebook pdf patterns, Yipppeee!!

I offer them on my website, in my etsy shop and on Craftsy. They’re also available on You Can Make This and soon we will be adding 2 new venues for you to shop your favorite Goosie Girl patterns! I’m also in the process of writing 2 new ebook for 2 of my most requested photo props and they should be out in August.

Goosie Girl PDF Pattern FAQ’s

Q.) Am I allowed to sell the items I make using Goosie Girl ebooks?

A.) Yes, Of Course! I’m all about helping empower other crafty small business owners and if you’d like to make something with one of my ebooks and you like how it turned out & want to sell them, I’m FINE with that!

Q.) I’m not very skilled with crafting, how difficult are Goosie Girl’s patterns?

A.) They range from craft pattern that a tween could make to a little more advanced and run the gamut in between. All are very easy to understand, and there are photos of every single step, written instructions as well as illustrations in some of them too.

PS~ my newest pattern “The Prissy Pillbox Hat” is on sale in my Etsy shop, get 50% off using the code: JackieO at checkout
All of my patterns are instantly downloadable on Etsy too! How Awesome is that?!
Goosie Girl on Etsy


I like finding great deals for my readers and today is no exception! I also love to share Made In the USA suppliers, and Pro-Made-In-The-USA companies when the opportunity presents itself. I am of course, a huge fan of the handmade movement and would rather support the work-at-home independent artist rather than corporate America (because I am a part of both)~as most of my readers know this about me. I don’t tout the “big box” stores very often, however, when I see a move in a positive direction which reflects my Made In The USA values, I also want to share that with people too! I am a fair blogger and I give credit where credit is due!

If you’re a small business owner, like myself, I often look for deals on shipping supplies~ If there is anything I can ever do to cut my overhead costs, I will do it. While I’ve been recovering from being sick, I was skimming the sale papers, and I happened to see the Menard’s ad from this Sunday and they have some great deals on shipping supplies you might be able to use…PLUS I really LIKE the fact that they seem to be much more “made in America” lately.

~Interesting Info!~68% of consumers surveyed said U.S. made products are preferable regardless of cost, 63% said the quality was better than similar products made overseas and consumers are more likely to purchase “Made in the USA” products because they want to support the local economy- according to a  joint survey by M.I.T. and Supply Chain Digest.


While I was viewing menards-logo  ad paper, I was excited to see all of the items they sell that are produced in America (They even include the location (city/state) where the product is made); I really like that as a consumer, I can make shopping decisions that reflect my pro-USA values! :) <~~ Happy Goose!

Menards has online shopping and they *do* ship orders, but I’ve never ordered anything online, but you may want to take a look, it may be worth it for you to stock up on supplies. Goosie’s local Menard’s store is only about 2 minutes down the street so I just buy from the store:

SHIPPING SUPPLIES On Sale This Week At Menards:

Shipping Boxes:

12″ x 12″ x 10.5″ = $.69

14″ x 14″ x 14″  = $.79

16″ x 16″ x 15″ = $.99

18″ x 18″ x 24″ = $1.49

Bubble Wrap:

16″ x 7′ = $.99

12″ x 30′ = $3.99

12″ x 175′ = $14.99

Those are some really good prices. I compared them with my current supplier, and they beat my current cost for similar products, hands down. Also, I thought I’d throw a shameless plug in here for my latest ebook, and if you’re into couponing and want to shop even more deals at Menards, my daughter has a couponing blog with a menard’s category: Killin’ It With Coupons Blog: Menards Deals and Match Ups


I recently rolled out ANOTHER brand NEW ebook, “The Prissy Pillbox Hat” and have it available on my Website, Etsy Shop and also on You Can Make This.


Here is a link for it, if you’d like to get a closer look
(Buy it on Etsy and save 50% with coupon code: Jackieo at checkout)

Instant Downloads on Etsy, Craftsy and You Can Make This!

Etsy Shop

You Can Make This


Goosie Girl Craftsy Pattern Store


Interested in a FUN way of looking at the supply chain , as a small business owner? Want to get a better grip on how the supply chain operates in the world as opposed to your “micro-business” (or perhaps similarly?)

Take a look and  CLICK HERE  for a FUN  Supply Chain Game Called “The Beer Game” originated by Prof. John D. Sterman of the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I read it was created way back in 1960 (however, I think it’s still a fun way to look at economics, management science / the supply chain today). Prof. Sterman’s contact info:  jsterman@mit.edu

I am always learning~ I love to learn new things and the way I look at it is, I can never become TOO educated on the aspects of streamlining and smoothly running my little business that could. Like a friend used to say,



The Emmy Award winning Steve Harvey TV Show is looking for Mom Inventors!  This is for a “Shark Tank” like episode. Please do not submit if you are not a mom.


They are looking for moms with companies that are in the early stages of development – you need to qualify with something or all below.

  1. You have only a prototype at this point

  2. You have made a few samples so far

  3. You have sold under 500 units 

  4. You might be in one store

  5. You need help getting to the next steps

You will need to be available to travel to Chicago from 8/21- 8/22.
The show will provide travel and accommodations if chosen.

PLEASE NOTE: Please be sure to address the following and please be brief.

  1. What your hardships are (used all my savings, closed out my IRA, put it all on CC, got divorced, have 6 kids etc..)

  2. How new your company is (just have one prototype, just have an idea, don’t have a company yet, have not named my company or product yet etc..)

  3. Any big disasters you have experienced so far?

Submit here:  I am a mompreneur

*Being helpful to all of my readers & passing this along from the awesome Sarah Shaw of Entreprenette

and Instantly Famous Products

Guest Blogger:

Guest Blogger: The Apprentice, Kayla of Killin' It With Coupons

Guest Blogger: The Apprentice, Kayla of Killin’ It With Coupons


My Mom doesn’t like “the man”  and she’s always encouraging people NOT to work for him; whomever he may be.

I just graduated high school but I’ve been blogging and running my own couponing website called Killin’ It With Coupons for the last 2 1/2-3 years. I’ve learned the couponing techniques that legends are made upon. I have even been invited to apply by the producers of the TLC reality television show, Extreme Couponing to appear on the show. My mom has always encouraged me and my younger brother’s entrepreneurial spirit ever since we were very young. She made the lemonade we sold at our lemonade stands and bought the cups. She had garage sales and we sold our old toys, clothes and pop for our yard sale visitors. (That was an ingenious way of making money for us kids, the mark up was outrageous! Winning!).

I’ve been exploring the opportunities available to me out there in the real world since I graduated high school and I’ll be honest, not that much appeals to me. I like web design and coding websites but the idea of a full time job makes me feel confined and restricted. I will be taking a little time off from school but I have plans to attend a local community college in the spring. ( College of DuPage. Until then, I’m looking into options of working for myself, or as my mom calls it “not working for the man”.
I’ve done some exploring on the interwebs and the fear of ending up as a 9-5 drone / slave / lemming / cog in the machine kills the desire in me to hold a job down at all. My mom has always told me that doing something you enjoy – job satisfaction – and a feeling of real investment in what you’re doing should come before the money side of things. She always says, “Do what you love and the money will follow”.

What's It Going To Be? Yours or Theirs?

What’s It Going To Be?
Yours or Theirs?

I think I’m going to go with building my own! My mom said she would support me. I’m not sure what direction I’m headed but I’ve heard from many people I have skills at couponing. I think I might be able to turn it into a business.

What is your skill? Are you creative and crafty like my mom?Do you want to work from home and for yourself? Do you have young children and need to make some extra money? Have you, like me, been told you have a skill at something and you know you can make money doing it? 


My mom always tells me I can do whatever I want and practice makes perfect. I think this can hold water and it rings true for a lot of people. My mom is always telling people to follow their dreams and make the magic happen. Ha! Ha! Whatever “IT” is for you, why don’t you try it? What have you got to lose? If you are a maker of things try and sell them at craft fairs, yard sales, tag sales, or maybe on ebay or etsy. Don’t doubt your abilities. You only fail if you don’t try.

Etsy even let’s you try it for free! I opened a shop to sell some of my hair clips and key fobs and maybe my mom will help me write up some e-books on couponing tips and techniques. Right now Etsy is giving new sellers a trial run for free
Click Here To Try it for free like I am

Good luck!!


Goosie Girl is pleased to announce we have launched 2 brand new ebooks!

They are both available on our website and in our Etsy Shop



Rolled Rosettes and Rosette Bib Necklace PDF Pattern: 


Website: http://bit.ly/1oBE7TN

or Etsy (instantly downloadable): http://etsy.me/1lXADeq

Many people have asked us to publish a DIY ebook, in PDF file format to explain the easiest way to make our gorgeous halos. We’ve written a fabulous, easy-to-understand ebook with pictures (one or MORE) of every single step on how to make this stunning venetian lace and silk rose halo. It’s perfect for a photo prop, or pageant. Or for a flower girl, bridesmaid or a trend-setting bride herself! We include directives on how to size from newborn up to adults. Included is a complete supply list, and an additional illustrated set of instructions for visual learners. We’ve thought of everything in this long – awaited pattern. You are free to sell the halos you create at craft shows, in your Etsy shop, online, or on your website~ we’re very generous when it comes to our patterns and love to empower creativity and help other small crafty businesses or photographers create them for themselves, gifts or to sell.


Venetian Lace and Rose Halo PDF Pattern

Website: http://bit.ly/1qc5rYf 

or Etsy (instantly downloadable) : http://etsy.me/1xGZlTW 


Thanks for supporting a woman owned, local, small business!


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